Kerry Patrick Clark
A Musical Norman Rockwell

Winter 2015

I heard somewhere, that Winter is nature’s way of giving herself time to rest, rejuvenate, rebuild and get ready for the warmth, the growth, the life that comes with Spring.  Not sure if that’s true… OR… if it works that way with humans:-)  My heart has felt like it’s been winter since my father-in-law passed in December.  The emotional ups and downs… the challenge of giving hearts and hopes and plans the time they each need to grieve, to rebuild and find new growth and life:-) Connect that path with the path of what also comes in winter… colds and flus… one can FEEL like it (sometimes) is overwhelming.  I know it is part of life (he says as he points to his head)… but it doesn’t mean that I like enjoy or want any of it (he says pointing to his heart:-)!

Why share this with you?  Because that’s what I do. I take moments that I find that challenge, capture or free my heart and try to understand using the vehicle I drive called music.  It’s the one way I have found to understand myself… my head… my heart… my thoughts… m y emotions… or at least explore them.  I also believe that, as we share our stories of loss, love, hope and fear, we connect on a deeper level.  I wish that for you this winter… a time of rest, hope, a warm cup of cocoa (tea or coffee:-) and a good book or music:-)

Fall 2013

The CD release was spectacular:-)  We welcomed friends, family and fans into our home for an Open House Concert.  Most NW Ohioans aren’t familiar with a house concert... so it was not only a wonderful way to introduce them to this crazy-cool musical format... but a handful of tunes from the new CD, In A Perfect World!  The CD is available for downloading at your favorite music site as well as here.  Click on the MUSIC link above to listen, download or order.

Summer 2013

My sister ( a screen-writer in LA) and I used to talk as we were growing up about our dreams... goals... hopes and art...!  We talked about watching our artist friends who had ‘something to fall back on’ eventually... falling BACK on that something!  ‘It is MUCH easier than art’ we used to muse.  So... we agreed to NOT give ourselves something to fall back on:-)

Now years later... I am seeing the perspective of my scientist-father (who used to talk about schooling and a ‘REAL job’:-), the perspective of an artist who MAKES a living with his craft... yet I am still in touch with the hunger of my youth of wanting and hoping my music is HEARD! 

On the brink of recording and releasing my 7th CD, I am noticing the horizon is a loud landscape and wondering how (still) to get my music heard!

Thank YOU for listening, supporting and sharing my music with your friends and family!


Spring 2012

One of the identifying marks of the human experience is our love of story.  Whether we are being captivated by a majestic adventure movie, consumed by a novel, or mesmerized by an old man telling of days gone by, we love to envision through story what most often we have not obtained in our own experience.”

My author-friend, Shawn Taylor wrote those words on the inside of my latest CD:  His Story - my story.

You can preview the songs from the new project in the ‘music’ page of my site!

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Thanks so much for joining me on this human... and... musical journey!


Fall 2010

I was driving to a home for deviant boys outside the town of, Nyandama, Russia.

Late October, early November 2007.

The morning dew had frozen on the branches of the birch and pine trees.

We came around the corner and I let out a shout.... STOP!!!

What lay in front of us was what my mind had seen as the front cover of my next CD...

On The Road To Human Being.

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Kerry Patrick Clark is an award-winning, Nationally #1 Charted folk singer-songwriter and former member of the folk group, The New Christy Minstrels who writes and sings his experiences of the roads our hearts and lives take.