A Musical Norman Rockwell

Kerry Patrick Clark, is an American singer-songwriter in the folk tradition. A native Ohioan Clark’s career spans more than three decades with chart-topping singles, as well as prominent placement in film and television scores; and a year-long tour with the New Christy Minstrels celebrating their 25th Anniversary. 

As a young man, Clark was dubbed the musical Norman Rockwell by his longtime friend, Sister Rosine Sobczak, of the St. Francis Order. Whatever his thoughts at the time, Sister Rosine could see Clark’s ability to share what we as a people have in common through musical portraits as vividly as Rockwell captured the heart of America on canvas. At its core folk music casts a wide net of deeply held values and beliefs reflecting myriad ideals and the essence of being human. 

Love, faith, family, friends, and the dreams we aspire to are the loose threads that tie us together. Clark’s take on themes from humbleness and humility, loving, serving, choosing, healing, and yearning appear like a slice of daily life resonating across lines that divide us by age, race, gender, and religion. Ultimately his music brings people together under the auspices of all that is good in each of us. 

Clark’s music has been included in themes and scores for ESPN, Cornhole The Movie, Challenge Day, and Reclaiming Hope - a PBS Special. Perhaps his most significant placement was on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN special commemorating the six-month milestone after September 11. CNN featured Kerry’s Songs To Heal a Nation. 

His first recording in 1985, Life and Times, was a limited edition vinyl release. From one of the 1,000 copies pressed Clark earned a spot on a yearlong  coast-to-coast tour with the New Christy Minstrels for their 25th Anniversary. Quintessential folk is the hallmark of the New Christy Minstrels and Clark was a featured vocalist for their renown tune “Today,” a classic American folk song. 

Kerry tours nationally in support of his CD releases dating back to 1994. With seven titles in his BMI catalog he’s had a number of successes charting with radio in the folk and Americana categories. On The Road To Human Being held the No. 1 spot  on the Roots Music Report for more than 40 weeks during 2011 and 2012.  In 2012 His Story -- My Story was the No. 1 Internet Folk Album for most of that year. 

The title track from Clark’s 2014 release,  In A Perfect World  held the top slot for ten weeks running (17 total weeks 2014, 2015) on the Music Roots Report folk chart as well as being the No. 1 CD in Ohio for June, July and August. “That’s The Thing About Love” from the same CD held the No.2 folk slot for several weeks; plus “A Simply Legacy” and “Another River Runs”  ranked in  the Top 20 on the Americana chart for Roots Music Report. As 2015 rolled around, Clark’s tune, In A Perfect World, was the #1 Folk Song of 2014!