Kerry Patrick Clark and Tony Lane of Maumee have written an original musical, “The Pair O’ Bulls Ranch,” and are inviting you to become part of the experience of presenting a show that has never before been performed. This is a rare opportunity for you to play a character in a show that no actor has ever played. You will truly be able to make the part your own. On this site, samples of the songs and sketches of the characters may be found. We are requesting that before auditions begin, that you would select a character and a song to present in that character’s voice. Prior to auditioning, if you would like to send in a sample of your speaking voice, singing voice and a photograph to this site, we will alert you as to when auditions will be conducted. We are looking to stage the show locally in late February of 2019 with rehearsals to begin in early January of that year. 


“The Pair O’ Bulls Ranch,” is the retelling of an ancient story of sibling rivalry, as two brothers lock horns in a fight for the love of their father, which leads the younger brother down a path of self-destruction, while reinforcing the older brother’s sanctimonious self-righteousness. Only the unwavering love of the father can penetrate the wall that has been built up between the two of them and restore his legacy by bringing his son’s back into one family. The story follows the younger brother as his search for an identity, separate from his father and brother, takes him to more desperate situations and lower depths of existence, until he realizes that his life has become meaningless. Ultimately he discovers that his father’s love is unconditional, but his brother needs to be convinced that he has changed. So the younger brother tells his tale filled with loose women, con men, fools, drug dealers, murderers and ultimately redemption.

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Pair O’ Bullstells an old, old story of the competition between two brothers. Both work for their father on the family ranch in Texas. The older brother oversees the cattle business, while the younger brother runs the small vineyard on the property. When the father’s favor for the older brother becomes obvious, the younger brother demands his share of the ranch, takes the money and heads into the world to seek his fortune or his ruin. His experiences nearly lead to his demise and in the end, he returns to his father’s ranch seeking shelter and forgiveness. The older brother fights against the idea of his return, but when the younger brother proposes a trial of sorts and for his brother to serve as judge and jury, the older brother agrees to hear his little brother’s story. The rest of the show is his telling of that story, in his hopes to sway the older brother towards accepting that he has changed and is no longer the same man he was when he left the family ranch years earlier.

The Father- Stubbornly faithful to both of his sons, he describes himself as a selfish son of a bitch who wants both his boys to be with him. He longs for Tom to return and believes by his faith in his younger son that he will return to the ranch one day.  The Father is not happy that the strife between his boys has grown to the point that they can no longer live as brothers, so he keeps faith that his younger son is alive and will return one day, but also the faith that the older son’s heart will soften and allow his brother to return. As the story progresses, we get hints and suggestions that maybe there is more to this old man than he lets his boys see in him. He seems to play roles in both of their lives that may not be readily visible to them.

The father is a man in his sixties but still has a twinkle in his eyes when we see him dealing with his boys.

Mac, the older brother- Mac is proud of the fact that he is his father’s favorite son, and his pride has allowed his to become arrogant. This arrogance is what gives him the confidence to accept the role of judging his little brother. He has remained faithful in his dealings with his father and has done everything that has ever been expected of him, more out of duty than love, but always as the father has requested. He is a cowboy to his core and lives in a world of black and white morality, there can be no shades of gray in his world because, by his knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, he thinks that he will always be the father’s favorite.

Mac is a young man, strong and straight spined. He should be handsome and humorless. He feels that his soul has been damaged by his little brother’s departure, and views that departure as a betrayal that was a hostile act against himself.

Tom, the younger brother- Tom becomes fed up with always finishing second to a big brother who is “perfect” in every way. Tom’s rebellious attitudes are born out of resentment for the harsh lines that his brother draws as boundaries. He knows that he will never measure up to the perfection that Mac lives out each day. When Tom askes for his share of the ranch and leaves, it is more to hurt Mac than it is to hurt his father. Once he enters the world away from the ranch he finds that things are not as black and white as they were in Mac’s world. The shades of gray that he encounters seem exciting and fun to him, until some of those shades turn out to be foreboding shadows. Eventually his exploits nearly take his life and he yearns to return to his father’s ranch. 

Tom is a young man who never measured up to his big brother so he must be physically smaller than the actor playing Mac. He is the runt of the litter. Ideally, he will not be as handsome as Mac or as strong or as straight spined. He will need to look gaunt and weary by the end of the show.

Stella Arias- Stella is the daughter of a rival cattleman who is universally hated by all who know him. She was not raised by her father and has only had minor contact with and yet, she owns and operates a bar on land that he owns in hopes of having a semblance of a relationship with him. She is outwardly hostile to him when they do meet but that is her defense mechanism she employs to keep him from hurting her. She feels very alone in the world and has tried to fill the emptiness in her life with a string of meaningless affairs. She has no love in her life when Tom meets her. Her need for love is so strong that she foolishly gives her heart to him, only to have it broken yet again when he continues on his path to self-destruction.

Stella is sex on wheels when we meet her, she is the temptation of the flesh to Tom, well out of his league if he was her first rodeo, but life has taught her to look for something other than a pretty face on a man. By the end she will need to look beaten down by her life and verging on hopelessness. The audience will need to look at her with sympathy by the end of the show.

Sam Arias- A low down, double dealing, cheat of a scoundrel who will do anything to get an edge on his competition, including selling drugs, and killing people. When we first encounter Sam, his days of power and evil intent are behind him. He has just learned that he has terminal cancer, and it has caused him to reassess his life. His attempts at reconciliation with his daughter are rebuffed by her, as she deploys her contempt for him as her only means of self-protection. Sam is searching for some good deed that he might leave the world, that might give his daughter a glimpse of his new heart. His new attitude seems to have left him lighter and happier than he has been for most of his life.

Sam is a bulldog of a man, physically strong and short in stature. Rough, his face should show the effects of a life filled with booze and fist fights.

Wild Bill- Has amassed a fortune by being on the edge of unethical, but always being able to charm his way out of tough situations. There is a sadness in his life when he looks back and realizes that the only person who has ever loved him was his mother, and she has been dead for ten years. Making money has been the only measure of success for him. 

Smooth and polished, 50ish. Should be charming when it suits him and menacing when he needs to be.

Chuck- the vineyard foreman who has worked the vineyards for many years and is disgruntled with his lot in life. He must be physically menacing to Tom.

Dietrich- A man too busy for anything but business including his autistic son. 40s.

Delmar- Sweet but simple and autistic. Late teens to early 20s. 

Chorus players- will play cowboys, cheerleaders, vineyard workers, party attendees, cops, rich people, business people, a doctor, drug dealers and bar patrons. They will be needed for moving set pieces and backing up the singers.